I tried handling my accounting needs myself when I first started my business, and it worked out well enough. I was not doing a lot of business at first, I had no one else on my payroll, and I did have a mountain of expenses and deductions to figure out. That was nearly ten years ago though, and so much has changed in the last two. I landed a very lucrative account, and I hired nearly two dozen people as a result. I knew then that I was going to have to look at accountants in Bristol because I was going to be out of my league as far as accounting needs went.

Not only did I have to worry about payroll now, but I was also going to have a nightmare as far as my books were concerned unless I had a professional handling everything from the start. I also wanted to make sure that my employees were going to be given the right wages, because there would be deductions that would need to be made before their final pay was figured out. I had enough to deal with because of the new account, so I just wanted to handle my accounting needs properly from the start of this expansion.

I was able to find a number of accounting firms that were advertised, but I knew that I wanted one that I would still be doing business with until I decided to retire. I wanted only the best of the best without paying a small fortune to make sure that is what I got. I found just that with the company that I ended up using. They have over two decades of experience in handling accounts much larger than mine, so I knew that they would be well equipped for my needs. I have been using them for nearly two years now, and I have been beyond satisfied with them. I trust them without doubt!