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buddhanum chaplinum chirikunnu movie 2017 | latest malayalam new movie 2017 new release full hd 1080

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It is a hundred years since Charlie Chaplin, artist nonpareil, appeared on the silver screen mesmerising audiences across the globe. His signature moustache and derby that have left their indelible imprint on the annals of film history. Buddhanum Chaplinum Chirikkunnu is a film that pays homage to Chaplin at the centennial commemoration of his acting career. The film portrays an Indian comedian, Indragupthan, who idolises Chaplin. He believes his life resembles Chaplin’s and nurtures the desire to depict his hero on the big screen. However, he rules out a blind imitation of the late legend. The narrative revolves around his disintegrating family life and his quest for true love. The dilemma that ensues is the crux of the story. In the struggle to discover himself Indragupthan is entrapped in a world of make belief. The film is a unique marriage of the serious and the comic – one complementing the other. Indragupthan realises finally that the wheel of life has left him stranded in the twilight zone between real and unreal