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1952: Bishop Bilodeau visits a québécois prison to hear the confession of a boyhood friend jailed for murder 40 years ago. The inmates force the prelate to watch a play depicting what really happened in 1912. We meet him as a young man, strait-laced, Discover A Lot More

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Football coach Harold Jones befriends Radio, a mentally-challenged man who becomes a student at T.L. Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina. Their friendship extends over several decades, where Radio transforms from a shy, tormented man into Discover A Lot More

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The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to decide if a young Spanish-American is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open and shut case of murder soon becomes a mini-drama of Discover A Lot More

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Kassa a free-wheelin rasta man, falls for a straight laced gospel singer Serena, when they both meet as they enter a music contest. Serena’s father the pastor forbids her to see him and wants her to marry one of his church members. Meanwhile the Discover A Lot More

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Darlene “Woo” Bates, played by Jada Pinkett Smith, has been dumped a little bit too many times, now this femme-fatale doesn’t let just any man swing with her, and when she’s set up on a blind-date with Tommy Davidson’s character, it could be love.. Discover A Lot More

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Buff sailor-man Popeye arrives in an awkward seaside town called Sweethaven. There he meets Wimpy, a hamburger-loving man; Olive Oyl, the soon-to-be love of his life; and Bluto, a huge, mean pirate who’s out to make Sweethaven pay for no good reason. Discover A Lot More

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The main character observes a strange light on his birthday at a bar. The following days he becomes very intelligent and puts the intelligence to good use in his community. When word gets around he becomes known as a freak and everyone wants to figure Discover A Lot More

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