Romantic Drama Movies
Direction – Santosh Babusenan and Satish Babusenan
Movie – Painted House
Cast – Neha Mahajan, K. Kaladharan, Akram Mohammed
Guttoo is a lonely writer in the autumn of his life. With his handsome face and kindly nature, he is a ‘good man’. But, like so many of us, a man imprisoned by his own fine ideas about himself. He is writing a novel about Nachiketas, the mythical boy who sought out Death to learn its secret. While at work on the book, Guttoo has a heart attack and collapses
The doorbell rings and Vishaya, a beautiful and seductive young woman appears. She asks if she can stay the night and Guttoo lets her. Their mutual attraction disarms and excites him. The next day a young man, Rahul, turns up seeking help. He repeatedly invites Guttoo to visit him and finally, forcibly whisks him off to the sprawling deserted house on a hill. The enigmatic Vishaya also ends up in the house.
The old writer now fights back for his freedom as his soul searching nightmare begins. One where he is forced to confront every belief he has held about himself.
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