That is obviously not very hard, they have hundreds and hundreds of strange things out on the world wide web and not shockingly a lot of them are involved in sex. It is not that difficult to figure out that people are really interested in the act of coitus and in fact we are pretty much hard wired to want it and to think about it all of the time. However when I found out about this stuff that they call Semenax I must admit to having been completely baffled by the entire concept behind the stuff. This is a pill which is supposed to have a very strange purpose in my opinion, it is what they call a volume pill and the concept is that it is supposed to increase the volume of semen that you produce when you ejaculate. I am not really sure why you need to do that however. It just does not make a lot of sense to me, aside from some very limited applications. From what I have seen this might have some use for the handful of guys who work as porn performers in the adult film industry. That is not really that large a number of men however. It is probably not much more than a few thousand at most I would guess. However the act of ejaculation is a part of the job for these guys and it obviously makes some difference as to what you can dispense. They apparently need these gentlemen to do this on cue and often the intent is to make a huge show out of it. Other than this I can not really think of much reason to want more semen. I suppose some guys may have trouble making enough of the stuff, but that is not something I have ever thought about.