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Before you read the story of this movie, I’d like to take a moment to thank you, the people of YouTube. Originally this movie started out as a feature but as completion drew near, it was obvious that we were only going to be able to make it a short (albeit a long one). With this came the reality that we would never get a release, nor make our money back. It didn’t really matter however, as it really was a project about having the experience of making a movie more than the final result.
Leap ahead ten years and technologies and the internet have gotten to a place where any film, no matter the length, or quality, can be released freely to the world. Not only that, with advertising, it allows anyone to make a profit from their creations. It is with this in mind that I would like to announce that this movie has made it’s money back. What’s more, all future money earned from this project will be used to help people in need throughout the community.
So thank you YouTubers, although small, just by watching this movie, you will be making a difference to people and to me. Now on with the original description…


Please allow me to forewarn you. This was my first ever movie that I made with practically no money. I couldn’t afford to go to film school so this project was mine and those that helped education. It is not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination and if I am being perfectly honest, I find it utterly cringe-worthy today. But it served its purpose with teaching me (mainly through mistakes) how to make a movie and how to tell a story.

PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS if you are expecting something that competes with a Hollywood movie that has hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal.


I directed Lost:Black Earth back in 1999 and as well as being my first movie, it was actually one of the very first digital movies (Yes, even before George Lucas did the all digital Star Wars EpII). All up it only cost around $ AU10,000 to make. We shot it on weekends over a six month period and then I single handedly took on the post production, editing, visual effects, sound design, etc, in my spare time over the next couple of years.

At the time, it was a massive effort and an enormous amount of filmmaking and story telling knowledge was learned. More than you’d ever get sitting in a classroom or reading a book. Even though, looking back at it now there is so much to cringe about and so many things I can’t believe I did. Since making this movie, my career has developed in the film industry as an editor and visual effects artist.

So to anyone who wants to make a life in the film industry, just go out and do it. It doesn’t matter if what you make is crap, at least you’ll have made something. Just by making something, you put yourself above 90% of all the people who want to be filmmakers.

Lost: Black Earth is Directed by me, James Cole and produced by Chris Daniels. It is an apocalyptic, science Fiction, Action, Adventure movie inspired by the great movies like Star Wars, The Postman, Omega Man, Starship Troopers and the apocalyptic feel and tones of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.

The Story
Escaping a devastating attack on her space station, the N.O.H.A.Gen. scientist Myola Jackson (Marianthe Esse) finds herself uncontrollably heading toward Earth in her damaged capsule.
Crashing on a coastline off Austrasia, she awakens to find herself lost on a hostile continent. Washed ashore, she is rescued by a Romid Warrior, Wez DeMillen (Jamie Wilson) and his son Gart (Dale DeSilva), who quickly find themselves pursued by the Kryslum aliens intent on her destruction.
To reach the safety of the coastal town of Dignity Bay, they embark on an epic journey through the treacherous and unpredictable environment.
Constantly pursued by the evil Kryslums, they are joined by an eccentric hermit scientist known only as Fergus (Peter Davies), who helps them rescue a Kryslum slave soldier they call José (Cameron Plant).
Together this band of misfits defeat the odds only to discover that the people of Dignity Bay are being held captive by the Kryslums. As it appears all hope is lost and chaos rules, they must fight in the last days of the black earth to bring forth a new dawn.

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