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Love has no Language,Lust has no language.

“Blacklily’ is a silent film which speaks about the freedom of expression of a women in modern and rural society,Her social and family life,culture and values.
Film was officially selected to be screened at Figueira film art festival,Portugal (2016),declared Finalist.

Provider Channel:Jaambhaari Entertainment
Release Date:11 Feb 2017
Running Time:1:27:09
File size: 220mb
Blacklily stars:Vijaya Palav,Santosh Panchal,Dheeraj Karandekar,Ria Kannade,and Sachin Madhav.Vinod Patil.
Cameraman:Vijay Mahajan,Prashant Jadhav.
Drone Operator:Avinash Lohar.
Editor:Anand Mandavi.
Background Music:Sandip Dange,Sudhansu Lokegaonkar.
Song Lyrics/Composer:Kashinath Gorule.
Singer:Aishwarya Athavle.
Post Production:Pramod G. Kamble.
Producer / Director:Mahesh P. More

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