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“Snitch in New York” – Maverick Entertainment – Free Movie Wednesday

New York’s toughest police precinct has six escaped felons on the loose. These dangerous criminals specialize in insurance schemes, drug dealing, gun-running, paid assassinations, pimping and organized robberies. Feeling pressure from New York’s Discover A Lot More

“Till Death… Do Us Part” – Maverick Entertainment – Free Movie Wednesday

Aaron Corbin, a successful businessman, finds himself enjoying life and his new bride Kelly. Married life suits Aaron and his company has hit it big, but with new found success comes bigger problems. His life begins to fall apart and to save it means Discover A Lot More

Free Full Movie – Comedy / Adventure – Hollywood Road Trip – Free Movies with Maverick Entertainment

Chaz, a vintage magazine collector, decides to go on a road trip with his friends to Hollywood after discovering his landlord’s plot to find and hurt its long time founder and CEO. With everything at stake, he is forced to choose between his magazine Discover A Lot More