Are Teeth Whitening Stips of Any Use to General Dentistry in Medford?

Is there any truth that teeth whitening strips may not be all that good for your dental health? It is a known fact that tooth whitening treatments are among the more popular cosmetic methods for getting your teeth white. Especially, if a qualified Medford dentist in Oregon provides the treatment. Besides, it is also the safest way to beautify your smile. Make sure you’ve got the proper dental care with Medford, Oregon dentist.

There are even some foods that may assist in keeping your teeth white? Let’s take a closer look.

Pineapples and Oranges

Bromelain is the main ingredient in pineapples and orange, which also serves as a natural stain remover. Apparently, Bromelain assists in breaking up plaque.


Similar to pineapples and oranges, berries are just as effective in removing stains. It contains malic acid, which helps to keep your teeth looking white.

Natural Yogurt and Cheese

These products protect your teeth against tooth decay. This is since they contain lactic acid. Also, saliva gets produced by chewing on hard cheeses, which in turn fights plaque. Studies revealed that cheese enhances the PH levels in your mouth. This, in turn, suggests that cheese may have anti-cavity properties. Other studies have shown that children who regularly eat cheese are more likely to have excellent oral health as a result.

Celery, Carrots, and Apples

Apparently, through eating crunchy vegetables and fruits like apples, celery, and carrots, it serves as an abrasive and cleans your teeth. In turn, it produces saliva to help prevent plaque from forming.

One thing is for sure; you can look forward to sporting a bright white smile when your local dentist is applying tooth whitening techniques.

There are way too many reasons why you need to visit a trusted site such as when looking for useful information on whitening your teeth. Let us see:

Dentists who offer this type of treatment are adequately trained to not only take care of your teeth but to ensure your overall oral health is taken care of too. Therefore, they will apply all they know to ensure your teeth get the treatment they deserve. Also make sure to visit your Orthodontist for your dental implants.

Did you know that general tooth whitening treatment won’t work when your teeth become discolored from the inside out? This is where dentists in Medford Oregon region can determine the proper course of action.

Another excellent reason you should visit a fully qualified dentist concerning whitening your teeth would be that they can offer you a broad range of tooth whitening treatments while working around your current schedule.

What about the latest invention where people make use of 3D teeth whitening strips?

Apparently, it is a new craze where thin and flexible teeth whitening strips are coated with a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. All you must do is apply the strips twice a day to your teeth for 30 minutes per session.

You just peel off the backing liner of the teeth whitening strips, ensure the gel side faces your teeth, line it up correctly, press it down on your teeth, then finish the procedure by folding back the excess of the strip behind your teeth. You repeat the same process on the top of your teeth, using the more significant piece.

What people like about these particular teeth whitening strips is that you can carry on doing what you usually would such as showering, doing your hair or enjoy a bit of ‘me time.’

If you have sensitive teeth, it would be safer to visit your dentist rather than opting for teeth whitening strips.

Why Go to a Lot of Trouble to Whiten Your Teeth?

There are two main reasons why you should go to extra trouble to look after your teeth:

You only have one set of teeth that you were blessed with. Therefore the need to look after them.

When you sport a beautiful white smile, you will turn heads and find it easy to make friends everywhere. The quicker you start looking after your teeth, the better they will look and feel throughout the coming years.

Teeth whitening strips are for those who do not have time to visit their dentist, and who is not willing to pay the costs associated with more advanced forms of treatment.